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Please remember 


When looking through the various sites on the web that are now so popular, YouTube, Facebook etc, especially when it comes to the Martial Arts,

one of the most important tenants we teach that I think is lacking when it comes to being a good martial artist, other than your technical ability, is as follows:


"Never  to speak ill of others,  or it will surely come back to you" 


As the founder and chief instructor of Spartans, I would be most unhappy to see any of my members getting involved in the practice of criticising, trashing, or being disrespectful towards any other style or Martial Art and or practitioner, especially if it were any of my high-grade students!  That kind of behaviour would not only reflect on you as a person, but would surely reflect on me as an instructor and mentor. Unfortunately, some instructors encourage behaviour in such a way as to promote their own ego, expertise and courage, trying indeed to make up for their own insecurities.

If you are one of my members, then please don't allow yourself to get dragged into any such dishonourable behaviour, as it shows no honour or integrity and is certainly not part of being a Martial Artist. I hope that you live by the tenants we teach and that you all continue to behave in the correct manner, as I have no tolerance to such behaviour. 

Thank you all. 

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