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 ** World Taekwondo (WT) and British Taekwondo  (BT) decree that all clubs without exception will follow these rules with respect to Safety Equipment. As each student develops their respective skills in Taekwondo, they will be required to learn and partake in sparring against an opponent, as in the Olympics. Although not a requisite the WT promotes the competitive side of the art and once a student reaches the level of 8th Kup (Yellow belt) will be required to take part in contact sparring. In order to meet insurance requirements and the BT’s health and Safety Policies safety equipment is therefore required.



We reserve the right to terminate membership should a student’s behaviour be deemed as unreasonable, disrespectful or detrimental to another student’s progress.


 All members will be required to wear a minimum of shin/arm/groin/head/body protectors when taking part in any contact training. **


All members must hold a valid BT license.



No food is to be consumed in the Dojang, unless prior permission is sought.


Once dropped off, junior students must not leave the Dojang at any time unless permission is sought prior to doing so.



All senior belts addressed as Sir or Ma’am



Never talk unless spoken to.  


Bow on entry/exit of Dojang (Hall).



Nails kept short at all times (fingers & toes).    


 Bare feet, unless you are suffering with a foot disorder, which you must  inform the instructor of.


Belts done up properly and correctly.


 Suits clean & ironed.  


No Jewellery.  

Long Hair tied back

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