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Notice to Parents/Guardians 


WT Taekwondo involves learning many new ways of moving, standing and also movement of arms and legs, hands and feet. At times an instructor may be required to reposition a student with the minimum amount of contact.


At times the best way to learn is to see your own mistakes, we are able to do this by recording the students practicing patterns and then watching the playback with an instructor, to see what they need to put right. All recordings are held on hard disk and the images then deleted after use. The recording device itself is kept in a secure location at all times. Should anyone not wish to be included in this activity, then please make the instructor aware.


All junior students must be collected within 15 minutes of the end of the training session. If a phone call has not been received by this time, actions will be taken to alert the police.


All correspondence sent by the club to any student under 16 by post to their home address, will be addressed to the parent or Guardian of the student.


Should a minor injury occur during training, you will be notified at the end of that session. However, in the very rare circumstances that an ambulance is required during training, you will be notified immediately

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